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Hybrid 1200 Trailer

Hybrid 1200 Series

This flat bed trailer can be used as a conventional flat bed trailer. Purchase:

  • An LP 350 litre or 1100 litre luggage box and voila! - you have a luggage trailer into which Mom can pack the kitchen sink...
  • Add a 220 litre nose cone for extra space for riding gear bag, cooler box etc.
  • Sides - bolt these on converting your trailer into a utility trailer for garden refuse and other uses.
  • A ramp set - bolt these on and you have a quad trailer.
  • Xrad wheel grabbers - bolt these on and load street bikes (model dependant). Two street bikes can fit onto the 1.2m wide unit (or bolt wheel brackets on and load 3 dirt bikes).
  • Jerry can holders for extra fuel and water.
  • Stand-on runner boards increases bed size to the same width as the width of the mudguards for attaching additional items.

Due to the popularity of this multi-purpose trailer, we have introduced multiple bed sizes, bed finishes, tyre and axle options. All accessories are sold separately, so that you can have us assemble the perfect trailer for your unique lifestyle.

Hybrid 1200 Series

Available bed sizes:

1.20m x 2.00m or
1.20m x 2.20m or
1.20m x 2.70m or
1.40m x 2.40m or
1.60m x 2.40m
Finishes: Galvanised sheet metal or
3mm expanded mesh
Rail Height:
Headboard Height:


Approximately 180kg (bed size dependant)
Approximately 590kg (bed size dependant)



Axle Rating:

13" 4 stud white spoke or
14" 4/5/6 stud white spoke or
15" 4/5/6 stud white spoke
40mm round, 900kg rating or
40mm square, 5/6 stud, 1150kg rating or
45mm square, 5/6 stud, 1600kg rating
4 blade leaf springs

* Finance is available *

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