Commercial Trailers

Commercial Trailers

Xrad Trailers will custom-build a commercial trailer to your specifications. We have built a wide range of commercial trailers - built for durability, with meticulous attention to detail, precision fit and superior welding.

Bicycle Trailers

Asphalt Trailers

Reel Trailers

Breakdown Trailers

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Utility Trailers

Luggage Boxes

We have a range of fibre-glass luggage boxes that can be bolted onto various trailers, and which can also be easily removed. The fibre-glass structure creates an insulated environment, keeping food and cold-drinks cool.

We can also manufacture steel / aluminium boxes to your specifications.

The LockBox is part of our Hitch-Rack range, but can be purchased separately.

This 990 litre box fits onto the smaller Pretzel MP range, as well as onto the Pretzel 2.

This is a 350 litre rectangular box which fits perfectly next to a motorbike or between 2 dirt bikes.

This 1100 litre box fits onto our Hybrid trailer range, as well as onto bigger trailers.

Our nose cone has a 220 litre capacity, and is big enough to accommodate a motor-cross kit bag including helmet, boots and full kit.

This steel box has different compartments and was made for storing car batteries, spare wheels, etc. The box has top and front-facing doors.

Bicycle Racks

Xrad has designed bicycle racks which attach to your trailer (a maximum of 4 bikes), or to your towbar (a maximum of 2 bikes) using our patented Hitch rack system. Contact us for a high quality and professional rack.

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