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The Stig Trailer

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The Stig Series:

This one-bike trailer can be used to load any motorbike and can be towed by a small vehicle. It has been designed as a lightweight easy-to-load bike trailer.

The Stig trailer has adjustable wheel brackets which accommodate most (if not all) of todays' bikes. There are adequate tie-down points. The trailer has a rubbaride suspension for a softer  tow.

The tail-board is easy to remove and attaches to the side of your trailer when loading so there is no unclipping necessary.

Its design and build quality are undoubtedly what you would expect from Xrad...hot-dipped galvanized steel for durability, meticulous attention to detail, precision fit and superior welding. 

The Stig  

Vehicle Requirements: Minimum tare weight of 1000kg
Bed Length: 2500mm
Load Rating: 450 kg
Mass:  110 kg
560 kg